Supreme 90 Day Workout
www.Supreme90Day.com This workout system is not for the faint of heart...or, for "the faint of exercise!" This is an inexpensive workout program that you can buy at Wal-Mart, Walgreens, etc. for as little as $19.99. The set contains a series of 10 DVD's. If you've ever heard of the "P90X" workout that a lot of people have been doing...well, this workout is just as good, but less expensive.
T-Tapp Fitness
One of the exercise programs I've done the longest and the most consistently is "T-Tapp." www.t-tapp.com These workouts are great for using "full muscle activation." All the exercises are non-impact which make them great for anyone to do! These exercises are also designed to be rehabilitative...they will help you recover from injuries, etc. I also like the fact that they really work the lymph system...any exercise, but especially "T-Tapp," will help remove toxins from your body.
How do I get motivated to exercise?
This is a great question and it varies from individual to individual! However, one great way to get motivated is to have an exercise buddy! For me, I exercise at home and my husband is my exercise buddy. This works great for us, because if one of us is not feeling motivated, the other one says, "Come on, it's time to exercise!" There is no room here for saying, "no." Only "yes."

Two female friends of mine, exercise everyday at one of their houses together. They are exercise accountability partners. This works great for them! This would not work for me, because if I had to leave my house to exercise, it would never get done. Besides, I like to exercise on my time, not someone else's.

Another tip to help you get motivated to exercise is read about someone who knows the benefits of exercise to help you get motivated! I recently received Jack Lalanne's newest book...it's a great motivator! If you don't want to read a book, then just look on the internet...there's a ton of great information about the benefits of having a regular exercise regimen.

The bottom line is, do what works best for you! Experiment with different types of exercise, experiment with different times of the day to exercise.

Don't forget...having a reward when you're done is a great motivator for many! Just make sure it's a healthy reward, like a healthy smoothie drink or something like that.

And last but not least, have fun! Studies show that you burn more muscle and calories when you mix up your exercising to keep your muscles guessing. Don't just walk, use some stairs or jump on a rebounder, or put some light weights in those hands! This also keeps your workouts from getting dull and boring. Mix it up and have fun!
This is a great tip for how to exercise in a small space! Use a "Rebounder." A Rebounder is just a another name for a mini-trampoline. This is what I do for Cardio exercise a few times a week. You can get a rebounder for about $25 at Wal-Mart. If you want to spend more, you can find one that folds up when not in use.

Then, get some fun workout music! I love the "Curves" Fitness Music CD's! I have all of the Christian oriented CD's. They have the perfect beat for doing any kind of exercise, whether it's a rebounder, walking outside, etc. I also have a "Biggest Loser Sports Anthem" CD. However, some of the songs were't wholesome, so I deleted those from my Ipod Shuffle.

Whatever exercise you choose, have fun with it!

What is your favorite Exercise/ Exercise Tip?
What type of exercise should I do?
Do SOMETHING...Anything! Not to overdue a famous phrase, but JUST DO IT! I always feel better after I've exercised. Always...always...always! And, so will you! In fact, I've never heard anyone say that they regretted an exercise session. It doesn't have to be a lot. Just do something, even if it's just walking around your house or your block...it could even be doing a few crunches...or, it could even be raising your knees alternatively while your sitting in that computer chair right now. So, no more excuses. Just get moving! What's your favorite type of exercise?