Thursday, March 20, 2014

Whole30 Adventure!

Thanks Steph! I've read your recent posts on Whole30 and decided that this is what I need to do for my health, so I can be a healthy wife and mother...and, glorify God with my body. Essentially, Whole30 is just a basic way to rid one's body of all the bad food put in it and cleaning it out with all good food! I see it as a healthy way to cleanse my body, while still nursing Annie Grace. I have many friends who are reading and doing Trim Healthy Mama, which is a Whole Food approach to eating healthy, in general. I would like to do THM, but I think that Whole30 will give me the jump start I need first!

I've needed to do this for awhile because I've gained some weight the past couple of months following the birth of our youngest child. Plus, I've had some other issues that I know can be straightened out by eating "clean." I exercise everyday routinely, so, I knew this was not my problem. A few weeks ago, I said to my son Noah, "I know that if I just give up my 'Cream and sugar with my morning cup of Joe,' and cut back on processed food and sugar, I could lose this nagging belly "pudge." I know what I need to do, I just need to do it!"

So, after reading my cousin's post last night, I decided to do some research and find out if Whole30 is right for me. After reading about all the benefits, and finding out that the whole program is free, I determined that it is just what I need right now! So, I got my husband's blessing to do it and I told my family what I would be doing. I even invited a couple of them to participate with me (I didn't have any takers).:(

Not being one to put anything this important off, I decided to plunge in with both feet! So, today is my first day to start. My only reasoning for putting it off, would've been so I could enjoy my sweet, creamy coffee longer...but, that was part of my problem in the first place! I like all the resources available on the Whole30 website to help accomplish this program, like the forums, the daily email (there is a cost associated with that, but I felt it was important), etc.

This is what my diet has consisted of thus far, today: This morning, upon rising, I drank a big glass of water with organic 100% lemon juice. This is what I do, most mornings, as it helps detoxify my liver, kidneys, etc. Then, I exercised while the children watched Curious George on PBS. For breakfast, I had my usual...two eggs cooked in Coconut Oil (extra virgin, organic, cold-pressed). My daughter Hannah said, "YOU'RE HAVING YOUR COFFEE BLACK???" Yes, I had my coffee black. I didn't get the "warm fuzzies" I usually get with my hot, sweet, creamy drink. But, it was hot and it was coffee.;-) And, it did taste kind of good with my eggs. Okay, it was awful...but, it was HOT!!! For a mid-morning snack, I had a half a grapefruit. For lunch, I had a salad with Romaine lettuce, baby peppers Balsamic Vinegar. Now, that was yummy! The funny thing was, the peppers tasted sweeter than they normally do...huh, go figure!;-) Snack consisted of a hot drink of matcha and water, YUCK (much better with milk and sugar)! For dinner, I'm going out on a date with my hubby. Chipotle has "clean" meat, so I'm planning to have a bowl with Chicken, chopped lettuce and lots of extra Cilantro, YUM!

The reason I decided to blog about this is simple. For the accountability. I know that if I am accountable to others, it will be encouraging to me and help me stay on task. So far, it's been easy...but, I know it will get harder...much harder. Also, I titled this "Whole30 Adventure," because I like to see life as an adventure...and doing the Whole30 is part of mine.:-)

Want to go on this "adventure" with me?;-) If so, here're the link to get you started:

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