Friday, March 21, 2014

Second Chances follow Failing - Whole 30

The bad news is, I failed the first day of Whole30, eating some chocolate. Granted, it was 72% dark, but it was still off limits. The good news is, I can start over!:-) Better to have to start over on the first day, than the 17th! LOL! I had a bad headache today and realized that when you go "cold turkey" off sugar (when you are used to eating a good amount everyday), your body feels like it's having a hangover! Yuck! You can have Madjool dates, but you are not supposed to use them to feed the "sugar dragon." However, after feeling sick all day and finally realizing what was going on, I are a date and felt a little relief. Then, I ate another date and felt almost back to normal.;-) So far, I've done good today. We'll see how long it takes me to conquer the first day!;-)

The reason I am doing the Whole30, is to do a healthy cleanse of my body, while nursing my 6mo. old. This program fits the bill, I just need to DO IT!!!:-)

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